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Rummy has been around for centuries and hence a great number of variations have cropped up over the years in different parts of the world. Close to home, Rummy is popularly known as Indian Rummy and is played with 13 cards. The main variations in Indian Rummy are described below. Each variation has its different set of rules and gameplay

Strikes Rummy

Strikes Rummy is also known as Points Rummy is the fastest rummy variant where players play for points that have a pre-decided monetary value. Here, there is a great scope to win lots of real money in a short time. There is only deal in this game and the winner of that deal takes home all the money. The winnings are calculated based on what the other player's score and the monetary value of the points themselves.

Pools Rummy

Pools rummy is possibly the easiest and the most basic version of Indian Rummy, yet most preferred among skilled players. This is a long version of the Rummy game where the player’s objective is to have the least score in each game. There is no fixed number of deals and the players get eliminated once they reach a fixed number of points. It’s usually 101 or 201 points. The game continues until all the players are eliminated and the last one standing is declared the winner. Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to play the game and the prize money is the total entry fee of all the players on the table.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is an exciting Rummy variant that is played for a fixed number of deals. The player with the least points at the end of all the deals wins the prize money. The usual number of deals played is 2, 3, and 6. The player has to pay a fixed entry fee to play the game and the prize money is the total entry fee.

Rummy Tournaments

Rummy tournaments are for people with a little more competitive zing. Tournaments are played on multi-table and multiplayer levels, where players need to progress to higher stages for winning the prize pool. There are various tournaments conducted like cash tournaments, loyalty tournaments, free tournaments, promotional tournaments, and many more.

Apart from these 4, there is also the 21 card rummy which is played across India. But it is not played competitively as much as the 13 Card versions.



Indian Rummy is a popular 13 card game that is one of a larger number of Draw and Discard games. The basic objective of these games is to improve one's Hand, that is, whatever cards one has, by drawing and discarding cards and forming sets. Certain rules have to be followed while making these sets.

In all Rummy games, each player is dealt a hand of cards. Additionally, there are 2 stacks from which each player can select cards, thereby drawing a card. Once a player draws a card, he has to get rid of one card (discarding). A player can draw from either the closed un-dealt cards or the open discarded pile.

For a particular Hand, each player is provided with 13 cards. The objective is to arrange these cards into appropriate groups of cards. These groups can be either Life or Set. A minimum of 2 Lives are required to have a valid arrangement.



How to Join Tournaments

  1. Make sure you are registered at 6ixxer Rummy.
  2. Log in on our site.
  3. Click 'Play Now' & enter our lobby.
  4. Select the Tournament tab.
  5. Choose 'FREE' (or) 'CASH' Tournaments
  6. Click the join button.

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. Verify e-mail & Mobile number.
  2. The player must have deposited in last 7 days to be entitled to register in Freeroll Tournaments
  3. Winnings from FREE and LOYALTY point tournaments will be added to Deposit Account.
  4. Upon making a purchase into the cash account the Promotional Winnings will become null and void as per the Withdrawal Terms.
  5. Winnings from FREE and LOYALTY point tournaments for NON DEPOSITORS can only be used for Cash wagering and cannot be withdrawn.
  6. Management reserves the right to remove or edit tournament rules at any point of time without prior notice.
  7. Fraud activities are not encouraged on our site. If found withdrawals will be suspended.

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  • Your referral bonus(es) will be disbursed at the rate of 5% of the amount your friends lose as stakes playing cash rummy games. For example, if your friend plays a cash rummy game and loses Rs.100 to his/her opponent, you will receive Rs.5 (5% of the amount paid to the opponent) as a referral bonus immediately. The disbursement will continue until you have received the maximum bonus of Rs. 10000. Similarly, your friend will also receive the referral bonus at the rate of 5% of the amount he/she loses to his/her opponent. The maximum bonus that each friend of yours can get is Rs. 10000.

Free Rummy Variants


Play unlimited rummy games for free on 6ixxer Rummy, the most trusted site in the country. Follow these two simple steps to get started on your online rummy journey with us:

Download our app or visit our official website to register on our platform.
Choose a rummy variant and join a free rummy game or tournament to start playing.

We offer the following types of games:-

Cash games: You have to pay a very small entry fee to play a cash game. You win real money in the form of cash prizes in cash games.

Practice games: If you are new to rummy, you can start by playing free practice games. Practice games can be played using free chips, which you get for free on 6ixxer Rummy.

Tournaments: We offer free tournaments as well as cash tournaments. You can join a tournament of your choice and start playing right away.

6ixxer Rummy offers a simple, user-friendly interface that provides a smooth gaming experience. You can download our app by clicking here and explore its interface and features.

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The first step is to register with Junglee Rummy. Signing up on Junglee Rummy is very simple. Visit the official website www.6ixxerrummy.com and follow these steps:

You can register for free using your mobile number, Google account or Facebook account.

Mobile Number: Enter your mobile number and click on “Register for Free.” You will receive an OTP via SMS on your mobile phone. Enter the OTP to register with 6ixxer Rummy.

After Mobile Number and Gmail Verification, Get Instant 50 Cash Free & Play Game and Win More!

Google or Facebook Account: Click on the “Continue with Google” button and it will redirect you to your Gmail login page. Enter your email address and password to register on the platform. The procedure for registering with your Facebook account is also the same.

After signing up, you are redirected to the game lobby. There are different types of games available in the game lobby: Cash, Tournaments, and Practice games. These games can be played in three variants: Points, Pool, and Deals. At the top of the page, there are links to Promotions, Refer & Earn, Leaderboards, Responsible Play, Help, and Account.

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