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How to Play Rummy

If you're a beginner at online rummy, no worries, we'll teach you how to play like a pro. This is a Skill game, which means once you know the basic hows, you can be as sharp and creative as you push yourself to be. If you know how to play the card game (offline), it's literally the same thing, but of course with technology adding much more value to your gaming experience.

Select a table first, based on the number of players you'd like to compete against. You do have the option to leave a table before a game begins, but the real fun is in sticking to the environment that unfolds around you rather than trying to manipulate your competition. (You can do that during game play, that's actually the aim!)

Once you've got the required number of players at your table, the game begins with the dealer handing out your 13 cards. The first thing you ought to do is arrange them into combinations of potential sets or runs, more information on our rules page here. This will give you clarity throughout the game. Every time you arrange a combination, the process is called Melding (remember that name).

Now, the aim of the game is to meld all your cards, except one that you'll need to discard at the end (we'll come to that in a moment). If you succeed in doing this before every other player at your table, place a Show and submit a valid meld, you win the game.

Obviously you can't manufacture combinations from the cards you've been dealt with (unless you've been dealt an extremely lucky set of cards!), so you're going to have to pick cards up from one of two piles on the table. And that's how the game moves forward.

Note: One of these piles of cards is just the rest of the cards from the deck(s) which have not been dealt to the players, this is a closed stock of cards. The other is known as the Discard pile, and you'll see why shortly.

You can pick only one card at a time (when it is your turn) from the pile of your choice. See if the card fits in with any of the combinations you've got at hand, or else if you can rearrange to make new ones to fit this one in. You'll now have one extra card than when you started, this one will need to be discarded into the "Discard" pile, face up.

The real skill is in not only minding your own cards, but also keeping an eye on what your opponents are discarding and trying to figure out what kind of combinations they're making. Obviously you're not going to want to discard cards which your opponent will happily use to meld their cards!

That's it! Use the steps above to play until a player wins the round. The rest of the players accumulate points according to the cards they're still left with. The player with the least number of points at the end of the game wins. With time, practice and skill, that game winner could certainly be you!

How to get started at 6ixxer Rummy:-

1. Sign up for an account if you don't have one yet

2. Log in to your account

3. Deposit cash and buy chips

4. Go to the lobby

5. Select your table and follow what you've learnt on this page!

6. Don't forget to log out once you've played your fill

7. Use the Withdrawal request option to withdraw your cash

You've got to be in it to win it, so head over to your account now!

There you go, it's really simple to play rummy online

How can we help you?

For any queries or complaints please feel free to get the help of our support team at 6ixxer Rummy. We are always pleased to help you.